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Subaru of Cherry Hill has always been known by their tagline, “The only deal we can’t beat is the one we don’t know about.” This has led to attracting customers who have been purely price conscious without recognizing the other value benfits the dealership provides. In addition, they have struggled to separate themselves from the long-held belief that they belong to the Cherry Hill Triplex; even though they are a single-owned dealership, and have been for over 15 years. The dealership wanted to continue providing great deals for their customers, but they also wanted to create more loyalty within the community. Subaru of Cherry Hill management hired us to re-brand their dealership with a message that reflected the Cherry Hill community they are located in and showcase the values they hold such as family, community, and home. It was also important to “bridge the gap” between Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, and show the versatile landscapes that make the area so unique.


  1. Create a refreshed logo that represents a re-launch of who they are as a dealership, and shows that they are separating themselves from the traditional car dealership stereotypes and the triplex.

  2. Create new tagline, mission, and vision statements that embrace a new way of thinking which is centered around customer service and community.

  3. Create new commercials that were relatable and use locations in Cherry Hill that customers could easily recognize and connect to.

  4. Highlight the message that what you get out of a vehicle is just as important as what goes in it. Connect the safety and reliability of Subaru vehicles to the adventure and versatility of the community.

The Logo


Old Logo: Left | New Logo: Right

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Symbolic Logo


The logo is a new take on the old version of the logo. Refreshing it to give it a more modern feel. The symbolic logo was created to be used as an icon that could be easily recognized and used for things like social media, stickers, and flyers. The logo shows that Subaru of Cherry Hill is not eliminating their roots, but instead, enhancing them and moving towards the future.

Tagline, Mission, and Vision

Tagline: Your Friendly Hometown Retailer

Mission Statement: To retail and service quality automobiles at fair prices, by empathetic professionals who are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

What We Believe: We believe that our dealership is an integral part of the community and our goal is to provide an environment in which our customers, employees and vendors feel welcome, appreciated, and a part of something greater than ourselves. No matter where you live, Subaru of Cherry Hill will always be your friendly hometown Subaru retailer.

What You Can Expect: We realize that your time is your most valuable asset. At Subaru of Cherry Hill, you should expect to be treated with candor, respect, courtesy, and urgency. Whether you are making a purchase, servicing your vehicle or just exploring, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is at your service.

The Commercials

30 Second Commercial

15 Second Commercial

Commercial Results:

Delivered through NBC Platforms

January 2019:

Delivered Impressions: 155,001

Clicks: 3,193

Click-Through Rate: 2.06%

February 2019:

Delivered Impressions: 152,672

Clicks: 3,085

Click-Through Rate: 2.02%

March 2019:

Delivered Impressions: 100,958

Clicks: 1,128

Click-Through Rate: 1.12%

April 2019:

Delivered Impressions: 203,904

Clicks: 6,006

Click-Through Rate: 2.95%

National CTR Average: .13%

Final Words

Although the brand refresh was well received by research tested focus groups, the employees of the dealership, and management - ownership was not open to moving forward with all of the changes and unwilling to refresh the long-standing original brand image. The commercials were successfully rolled out, however, the logo, tagline, and new mission were not, providing inconsistent messaging across all platforms and a launch that was not in alignment with the initial scope of work and intention.