Fools Roll



Live Social Media Event Capture

What Is Fools Roll?

Fools Roll is a true-to-life cannonball-run event for those with an adventurous heart and who love to have fun. It is a four day event that starts in Austin, TX and ends in Las Vegas, NV. The goal? Be the team with the fastest drive time from Austin to Vegas while dressed in crazy costumes and completing challenges along the way.

At the start of the event, each team "clocks in" with their start time, and then begin their journey to Vegas. The top three teams who drive from Austin to Vegas in the shortest amount of time will be crowned winners of $16,000 in cash prizes. Other small prizes are awarded for things like "best costume", "best photo", "best story", etc.

Contestants who enter spend months planning their team name and theme, buying costumes, and getting their car ready for the event. Each team is required to have a car valued at $2,000 or less before the start of Fool's Roll. This event is definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

What We Did

TRU57 had the best job of all: capturing all the craziness of the event live through social media!


We started an Instagram page for the event in order to leverage our use of social media and engage with the audience.

Our Role During Event:

Capture photos, videos, and more and post them through the Fool's Roll Instagram and Facebook pages.

Capture live Instagram stories and monitor and respond to comments and engagement.

Follow participants through social media along their journey to Vegas and re-post photos and videos that contestants were posting on their personal pages.

Manage communication between teams via the Fool's Roll official email thread and pull "post-worthy" content from their emails.

Send teams their official team photos.

The Results

The following results compare year 2018 to the previous year.

Previous Year (2017)

- No Instagram Page Existed

- 4,157 fans on Facebook

- Likes: 592

- Comments: 44

- Shares: 10

- Number of Posts During Event: 35 (Facebook Only). A majority of the posts were the official team photos. Few photos existed during the drive to Vegas and during the remainder of the event.

The 2018 Results


Page Likes: 5.2% Increase

Total Image Posts: 6.1% Increase

Image Likes: 73.5% Increase (2,238 Total)

Video Views: 4,630 Total

Comments: 166 (73.5% Increase)

Shares: 107 (90.7% Increase)

Reach: 10,563

Page Views: 5,208

Post Engagements: 29,295

Page Follows: 239


Followers Gained: 641

Total Image Posts: 90

Image Likes: 3,106

Video Views: 2,608

Comments: 73

Instagram Stories

Four stories were developed, each story corresponding to each day of the event. The stories are currently saved in the Highlights section of the Instagram page. Stories include a combination of video clips, photos, and text graphics.

Day 1 Story: 54 Frames, 170-306 views/frame

Day 2 Story: 25 Frames, 181-282 views/frame

Day 3 Story: 6 Frames, 204-228 views/frame

Day 4 Story: 33 Frames, 171-241 views/frame


Featured Posts

Throughout the course of the event, several Fool's Roll posts appeared on Instagram's "Featured" page, also known as the Explore Tab, or "Popular Posts". Getting on this page can trend the account or make it "viral" for a short period of time. To the left are the screenshots of the posts which appeared in the Explore Tab.