It's All About Trust.

We inspire growth through
art and creative hustle.


Our Approach

To us, each brand is like a piece of art. Carefully crafted using the right colors, patterns, textures, and emotion. Our job is to become the artist for your company and create a kickass brand you can be proud of. You give us your vision, and we bring it to life. We're looking for long lasting partnerships with our clients and building brands to their highest potential - no matter how many hours it takes.



Graphic Design

Logos, flyers, postcards, product design, banners, signs, digital design, ads, marketing materials, business cards, t-shirts, and much much more. There are no limits to the design capabilities we have for your business.

Web Design

Need a website that's as cool as this one? We've got you covered. Whether you need something simple like a blog or landing page, or something more complex, we have design solutions for companies and individuals alike.


Your message starts with your brand. The right logo, fonts, colors, patterns, and voice that tell your story. We work with many individuals and startups who desire a unique brand and concept that stands out from the crowd.

Video Production

Need video coverage for events? Want to create an awesome promo video for your company? Looking for professional video to showcase what you do or educate your team? We're partnered with the best production companies in the East Coast to do just that. We take a cinematic approach, and create videos that engage and tell a story of what you do.

Live Event Capture

We also offer live event capture through social media! Need someone to post regularly on Instagram or Facebook, create stories, or capture the essence of your event through social media? We will send one of our reps to your event and capture everything as it happens LIVE!

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Humble Beginnings

TRU57 started on a desk in the corner of a bedroom 10 years ago, and the mission has always been the same. To help people grow to their greatest potential. Branding is more than just great design. It's relating to your audience - your people - and connecting with them on a personal level. We all come from humble beginnings, and for us, the greatest satisfaction is seeing businesses thrive and grow. We're firm believers in taking any challenge that comes our way, and if we're not sure how to do something, we'll always find a way.